The Estate

In the Coteaux d’Aix-en-Provence region, Bargemone represents 800 years of history and a new momentum in 2023. An exceptional terroir, profound expertise. We welcome you to our cellar to share our commitments, our passion for wine, the love for our vineyards, and to introduce to you our full range of wines, cultivated, vinified, and bottled on the Estate.

Domaine Bargemone vente de vins coteaux d’Aix-en- Provence
Bargemone engagé dans l'agriculture biologique pour leurs coteaux d’Aix-en- Provence

Our commitments

Bargemone is a sanctuary for exceptional biodiversity. Wildlife and flora are preserved in an untouched environment. We protect life and are fully committed to Organic Farming. The right action at the right time, our winemaking commitment.

Les gammes bargemone vins rosé, vin rouge et vin blanc coteaux d’Aix-en- Provence

Our Wines

With a vast and diverse terroir, numerous grape varieties, and two cellars, we have the ability to create wines with distinct profiles in all three colors, always striving for excellence.

  • Bascule

    Freshness of the fruit and natural lightness, Bascule is certified Vin Méthode Nature. Hand-harvested by our family with respect for the grapes, resulting… Découvrir la gamme
  • Classique

    Fraîcheur de Provence représentative de notre appellation, voici notre incontournable des bons moments. Des journées ensoleillées et des nuits fraîche… Découvrir la gamme
  • Collection

    Parcel selection and cellar requirements, balancing mouthfeel and length in our iconic bottle…. Découvrir la gamme
  • Le Viognier

    An unusual, mythical grape variety for us in Provence, and the result is a powerful aromatic expression, with notes of yellow flowers and a beautiful round… Découvrir la gamme
  • Les Secrets

    Aged in oak barrels, the Secrets reveal themselves discreetly. Finesse and balance, it’s the terroir that resonates in the bottle…. Découvrir la gamme
  • Minuit

    Our sparkling wine is crafted using the Provençal method, without the addition of carbon dioxide and without added sugars. Fine bubbles over floral freshn… Découvrir la gamme

Our Awards

Our work has been recognized by the most prestigious competitions in France and internationally for decades.

Our Labels & Certifications

Respecting those who appreciate our wines involves our certified work and our labels that acknowledge our commitment to preserving health and the environment.

The Team

Passionate and fully committed men and women for Bargemone. A strong team spirit, a desire to take on challenges together, a commitment to doing a little better each day. And all with a smile!

Le Maître de Chai à l’humour si savoureux

L’esprit d’équipe et une vision ambitieuse pour notre Directeur Général

Comédien devenu vigneron, Pierre aime mettre en scène de nouvelles cuvées

Régisseur du domaine et tractoriste, toujours prêt à raconter une bonne blague.

Georges, gardien du Domaine a la solution à tout, et toujours avec le sourire

L’ancien taxi devenu tractoriste, cet enfant du Sud-Ouest ne laisse personne sur le bas-côté

Un grand sourire, une passion pour la viticulture, voici notre tractoriste rugbyman

La rigueur et l’exigence de ce passionné de mécanique fait le bonheur de nos tracteurs

Aime le soleil et l’Espagne, notre comptable est la mascotte du bureau

Accueillante et chaleureuse, elle a la responsabilité du caveau qu’elle anime avec passion

Notre stagiaire en communication, sérieuse et enthousiaste

Aide caviste, l’homme aux mille expressions

Le second de Cave : Chasse, pêche et tradition

Wines & Recipes

Immerse yourself in our current recipes and their pairings with our wines, to find inspiration and create unique culinary experiences. Sunny recipes for every taste, matched with wines that enhance them. Pair Bargemone with your best moments of sharing.

News & Events

A charming terrace, a green rooftop, our new warm and welcoming cellar hosts cultural events, tasting sessions, and educational workshops centered around wine. There’s always something happening at Bargemone. Stay updated with our news!

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