Our commitments

Being at the forefront of environmental practices is an absolute necessity for us. As farmers, we have a responsibility to contribute to ecological transition. Furthermore, our commitments are essential to ensure the sustainability of Bargemone.

Yes, we observe consistently high temperatures.

Yes, we are experiencing very low rainfall.

Yes, the harvest date advances year after year.

The unstable climate balance we have entered requires much more from us than simply doing well. We would be happy if our actions could serve as inspiration. Discover some of our practices.

Agriculture biologique et biodiversité

Excellence, sharing, and sustainability are deeply ingrained in our roots. Each of these pillars demands transparency towards those who enjoy our wines. We tell you what we do and how we do it. Paying homage to our terroir by ensuring the dynamics, on our scale, of what creates great Provence wines. Bargemone is a major player in environmental respect and sustainable development.

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