Sulfites and Natural Fertilization


Sulfites in wine are primarily used as antioxidants and antiseptics. We restrict the use of sulfites to the absolute necessary and delay their usage for as long as possible.

We do not add sulfites during harvesting or at the press. We wait until the fermentations are complete before adding “sulfur.” This helps the wine maintain stability over time.

The dosage of sulfites is tightly regulated by the Organic Agriculture and NOP (National Organic Program) certifications, which corresponds to the American organic standards.

Vin Méthode Nature

Natural Wine Label

We have been awarded the “Vin Méthode Nature” label for our “Bascule” cuvée. This entails adhering to the following conditions:

  • Organic grapes
  • Manual harvesting
  • Vinified solely with indigenous yeasts
  • No oenological additives
  • No intentional alteration of the grape’s composition
  • No use of filtration or fining agents
  • No added sulfites before or during fermentation

Natural Fertilization, Compost, Circular Economy

Caring for the soil involves knowing and understanding it. We regularly have the composition of our soils analyzed. This enables us to understand their vitality. Depending on the analysis results, we introduce natural compounds into the soil to nourish and enrich it.

Once the grapes are pressed, we are left with the grape marc. This marc is sent to distilleries where they produce spirits and liqueurs. After this process, there are still organic compounds left, which are returned to Bargemone and used as compost.

This marc compost, rich in natural nitrogen, is an organic compost that the soil absorbs and stores. This restores balance among the soil components, allowing the vines to grow healthily.

After we finish pruning the vines, there are leftover “pruning woods” in the rows. This amounts to about two tons per hectare. It’s a significant quantity of organic matter that we choose to shred, serving as “food” for our soils. This restores 50% of the organic matter that the soil naturally loses each year.

Fertilisation naturelle, compost, économie circulaire
Irrigation raisonnée

Reasoned Irrigation

We are connected to the Canal de Provence to supply our irrigation needs. We use it sparingly and only in accordance with the applicable regulations. The drip irrigation system recreates a gentle rain and allows us to irrigate our vines precisely and moderately. This also minimizes evapotranspiration. We pay special attention to our young plants, much like caring for growing children who require generous and nurturing care.

Energie décarbonée

Decarbonized Energy

Our solar farm

3271 tonnes of CO2 avoided over 30 years. That’s the goal of our photovoltaic installation that covers the entire roofs of our two cellars and storage building. A solar power plant spanning 800m2, facing due South. This enables us to support and accommodate our particularly energy-intensive consumption during the harvest. We are capable of producing more than our consumption, allowing us to inject this surplus production back into the national grid.

Prêts pour l'électrique

Ready for Electric

Our agricultural shed is prepared to accommodate electric machinery and tractors. This space will be equipped with electric charging stations to facilitate a smooth transition when we make these investments. Another portion of the charging stations will be available for use by our customers and our team. Five charging stations will be accessible in front of the cellar entrance.

From the very beginning, we aimed to construct a new cellar that is open to the public, welcoming, and warm. Our cellar serves as a place for welcoming, exchanging, indulging, and tasting. It is and will continue to be a space for us to share our beliefs and commitments and to foster learning. As members of civil society, we believe we have a role to play in transmitting our values and fostering civic awareness.

Above all, we recognize that there is still much ground to cover in improving our carbon footprint, our environmental actions, and advancing further on the path of responsible ecology. Bargemone is an extraordinary opportunity to strive for continuous improvement every day.

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