Minuit Blanc

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Minuit, our sparkling white wine with golden reflections and dazzling freshness, is truly enchanting. Crafted using the traditional Provençal method, we gently add the juice of our Rolle grape variety for natural bottle fermentation. Let yourself be carried away by its fine, dancing bubbles, while the subtle aromas of white fruits and flowers transport you into a magical tasting experience, perfect for enhancing your moments of celebration.

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Technical information


Grape Varieties

Alcohol Content

12% Vol.



Yellow flowers

  • Harvest & Vinification
    Nighttime harvesting Grape varieties vinified separately Blended in December Traditional Provençal method for natural effervescence Aging on lees
  • Food Pairing
    With foie gras and fig or a strawberry soup
  • Serving Temperature
    Between 6 and 8°C
  • Packaging
    Boxes of 6